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  • Burn It In 30 teaches you what healthy eating really is without having to jump from diet to diet.

  • This is a lifestyle change, not another program that temporarily works and you end up gaining all the weight plus some afterward.

  • You will be provided a meal plan approved by our Registered Dietitian that will be specific to your body type and your goals.

  • Gaining a comprehensive knowledge about foods will improve your judgment and ultimately, your results.

  • This program will include access to a system that will provide you access to your own tools and resources to make sure you’re staying on track to reach the lifestyle and fitness goals you’ve been wanting so bad.

  • Burn It In 30 teaches you what healthy eating really is without having to jump from diet to diet.

  • We understand that sometimes you just need someone to show you how to find the perfect meal plan that will allow you to eat the foods you love while still seeing results, here’s where we come in!

  • Burn It In 30 was made to accommodate all lifestyles and fitness levels. Burn It In 30 will guide you throughout your fitness journey to make sure you are training smart, and you make progress in every workout you do.

  • We meet 4x a week for a total of 60 mins per session. All of our fat-torching workouts are structured & personalized for your body and fitness level.  You’ll be reaching your goals sooner than you think.

  • Exercise is not just physical, it’s therapeutic!

  • If you have been looking to get your life and fitness in order but feel a bit lost or have trouble staying motivated to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Our certified life coaches, I will give you the skills and tough love you need to set your goals and make the progress you’ve been wishing for.

  • How to stay motivated: I get it, you have tried many different diets and training challenges and after a few days in you start losing motivation. Going through the program with other people at the same time really adds an element of accountability, motivation, and support. Trust me this is a game changer!

  • Fitness life planning: This program will provide you with a foundation that will give you guidance and structure as you continue to live your healthy lifestyle! It’s a foundation you can always go back to and reference if you ever need it to get back on track.

Call Us Glow Getters

When you start the Burn It In 30 Program, you will suddenly have the upper hand on weight loss. Your Burn It In 30 coach and community will be in your corner, helping you each step of the way, keeping you accountable and giving you that dose of encouragement when you need it most.


Camaraderie: Burn It In 30 provides a vehicle for support and we all hold one another accountable during and even after the program.


Open Forum: We use a private Facebook Group as an open forum for everyone to share their wins and struggles.



The scale only provides a fractional glimpse into your body’s overall composition. At Burn It In 30, our clients are evaluated using Fit3D technology as an integral part in creating their individualized diet, fitness, and wellness program. Using the most advanced equipment available, we are able to identify the state of your health at all phases, reduce risk, expertly personalize your exercise program and continually evaluate progress on the inside and out.


Real-time heart rate tracking during your workout. This technology makes it easier than ever to maximize your workouts and see faster results. You will be able to track your effort, heart rate, calories burned and workout time and you will have access to your results on our mobile app to look at later.

Burn it in 30 is for you if

  • You’re looking for a step-by-step guide to a healthy lifestyle.

  • You’ve tried the “conventional” advice about health and weight loss and they haven’t worked.

  • You want to stop spending your time and money on trying the latest and greatest diet craze, powders and shakes.

  • You are ready to make a long-term transformation

  • You are ready to love who you see in the mirror

Whether it’s your first time working out, or you’re just getting back into the groove of things, Burn It In 30 helps you get on the right track. We have women in every stage of their fitness journey.

Optimal Results

Burn It In 30 has provided results for women from all walks of life. Some of the results you should expect to see over the next 30 days are:

  • Lose up to 15 pounds

  • Have real FOOD FREEDOM. Meaning eat the foods you love guilt-free while still getting the results you’re looking for. Yes, this is possible, no more “yo-yoing”.

  • You won’t have to google everything you see at the grocery store! You will have a clear understanding of what foods are healthy and why.

  • Experience the mind & body transformation you’ve been longing for.

  • Your Burn It In 30 community becomes family because women that join this program want to connect, motivate and experience this positive change with people like you.

Burn It In 30 Program Includes:

  • A 30-day-at-a-time training program that fits your busy schedule.

  • 5 Training sessions per week

  • A personalized nutrition plan by a Registered dietitian to optimize your results.

  • Nutrition Coaching from a Fitness Expert and a Registered Dietitian.

  • Access to our Facebook Support Group where you will connect with a Community of REAL Women.

  • Ways to track your progress & celebrate your changes and wins.

  • Burn It In 30 Success Manual & Journal.

  • Weekly 3D Body Scans to track your progress.

  • Real-Time Hear-Rate tracking.

  • Biweekly Success Meetings with a Life Coach to go over your progress and help you achieve your goals.

  • 50% discount on all of our Wellness Workshops.

  • Special Discount at local shops.