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High-Energy Natural Foods to Help You Be Productive

More and more people are starting their work days early, which means getting up in the early
hours of morning when it is still dark to get ready for the day ahead. Even with coffee or energy
drinks, it can be hard to get the natural source of energy you need to perform at a high level for
the day ahead. So what alternatives are available that can be both effective and healthy? Consider
including these natural options in your diet.

Lemon with Water
Water is a reliable way to replenish yourself – especially after workouts. However, with lemon
added, water can deliver a more significant energy boost as this gives it more electrolytes. These
are vital to helping cells produce energy. With water alone, you can stay hydrated, but lemon can
add more of an energy-producing effect to your system.

Fruit contains a good amount of natural sugar, which makes it a good candidate for a high-
energy food to start your day. In addition, it provides a quick replenishment to your energy levels
if you are slowed down. You can also keep your blood sugar levels stable and benefit from the
fiber that fruit packs. One food you can try is a breakfast smoothie, which mixes blueberries,
strawberries, and yogurt. This combination will give you a good source of vitamin C and
magnesium. With this, you can experience better concentration in your work as well as improved
regulation of energy. Bananas or apples are also good choices, especially if you are going to
work or to the gym.

Nuts and Almonds
Magnesium is especially important for converting sugar to energy, and they are prevalent in
foods such as cashews, almonds, and hazelnuts. They also have fiber that keeps blood sugar
levels balanced and supplies protein to help reduce hunger cravings. A small bag of trail mix or
nuts you can carry can be helpful in keeping your energy levels sustained throughout the day.

Whole Grains
Whole grains contain complex healthy forms of carbohydrates that provide 60 percent of the
energy to sustain your body. They also have vitamins and minerals that help sustain your blood
sugar balance, especially preventing increases following a meal. This means you can experience
a smaller chance of having sudden drop-offs in energy. For a good energy fix to start the day,
add oatmeal or high-fiber cereal to your breakfast plate. These particular foods help you stave off
hunger until lunch.

Brown Rice
While many people think brown rice as an Asian fast food staple, it has more benefits than you
may think. This is because it contains a good volume of manganese. This nutrient helps your body
produce additional amounts of energy from proteins and carbohydrates. For the best source
of energy and motivation, do not hesitate to mix in brown rice into your meals.
Energy is harder to come by, and coffee is not always the best solution to help you keep going
throughout the day. Daily, natural nutrients are better candidates to help you get your energy fix
for a productive work day. From lemon, fruits, to nuts and almonds, these nutrients can help you
maximize your energy levels for a full day of work. You can add them into your regular meals or
take them as supplements.

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